Day 11: Put your iPod on Shuffle and write down the first ten songs that pop up.

This is sure to be a short one.

iPod? How old is challenge? Well, seeing as it’s not 2005, I’ll be putting my Spotify playlist on Shuffle and see what comes up:

  1. “Frodo’s Dream” by Van Canto
  2. “Introduction to a Broken Heart” by Prozzak
  3. “River” by LIGHTS
  4. “The Handler” by Muse
  5. “Lost Souls in Endless Time” by DragonForce
  6. “Cryin'” by Aerosmith
  7. “The Source” by The Naked and Famous
  8. “This Will Be Our Year” by OK Go
  9. “Feeling Sorry” by Paramore
  10. “You” by The Pretty Reckless

Well, that certainly didn’t turn out as expected. This ended up being my musical tastes over the years. My teen years (DragonForce – I was really into Guitar Hero III), my tastes now (Muse and OK Go), and my childhood (Prozzak – just saw them a day before writing this. Serious nostalgia trip). I was expecting a list of random indie stuff, but then again, my Spotify playlist is littered with stuff I haven’t even listened to yet.

TOMORROW: Bullet your whole day.


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