Day 5: Your favourite comfort foods and why.

There’s nothing like a good home-cooked meal. Take out is something I really want to boot from my life. It’s easy. It’s convenient but it can never feel as good as something that you made with your bare hands. And is also healthier.

My all-time favourite thing to have for breakfast is a true classic: scrambled eggs, especially when I manage to make it perfectly. According to my mom I make it perfectly all the time, seeing as she usually asks me to make her breakfast when she comes home from work. And it’s not complete without some toast and a cup of green tea (I take it black with some honey). Recently, I’ve worked oatmeal into breakfast as a quick meal to have after the morning runs I plan to have once the weather improves.

It’s no exaggeration that I eat chicken nearly every day for lunch. Meat is just so versatile and my brothers and I work that into how we prepare chicken. We used to make Southern-style fried chicken, but over the past few months we’ve moved into baking our chicken, and then we took it a step forward by taking the skin off it before we cook it.

However, my all-time favourite food has got to be potatoes. It doesn’t even matter how it’s made. Baked? Love it. Boiled and skinless? Great? Cut into wedges and seasoned to perfection? That is bliss. French fries? Oh, yes. Combine it with some baked chicken and veggies and you have the perfect meal for me. Just like chicken, I find potatoes really versatile in that you can eat them in different ways and with a bunch of different things.

I just want to say, eating some of these things today made them much easier to write. It also helped stave off hunger, so there’s that.

TOMORROW: Your Zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.


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