We’re already at the blog post that I’m by far the least excited about writing.

Remember when the word ‘radical’ used to be a good thing, when you could say that word and follow it with a sick air guitar riff? Now it’s associated with people going to the extreme with causes. The hardest thing about adhering to any kind of theology is the people that make you look bad.

I’m very liberal when it comes to some certain issues. I support same-sex marriage because I honestly don’t care who gets married to who, as long as it’s to a living human being and there’s total consent involved. So, it sucks to see places like the Westboro Baptist Church bashing the LGBT community and picketing funerals. (I just did a Google search for them, and the second entry is a picketing schedule. Because why the hell not?)

There’s also the sense of arrogance that can come with religion – the idea that your faith makes you a better person than someone who chooses not to have one. Of course, this isn’t exclusive to religion. I’m sure if I searched for Subreddits for veganism and straight-edge, it would be real easy to find people with a sense of superiority over people who doesn’t agree with them.

However, being a part of a church can lead to a great, supportive community. I grew up in a church and I’ve been there for my entire life. The positivity I’ve experienced there has been invaluable and it’s helped in shaping me into the person I am today.

“Do what you want, as long as what you want to doesn’t keep anyone from doing what they want to do.” – Me

That right there is my motto for life, which I realize is a fancy way of saying “Live and let live.” I would hate for someone to push their own beliefs on me, so I’d never want to subject someone else to that. The main takeaway from this is that pretty much all religions now teach being a positive influence on the world, and you don’t need to adhere to a belief system to be a positive influence.

I’ll leave you with the most universal piece advice you’ll ever see:

“Don’t be a dick.”


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