Baby Steps: My 2017 Game Plan

Between a lot, and I mean a lot, of celebrity deaths, and the three-ring circus CNN called “the election” – regardless of who won – 2016 is a year that not a lot of people will be looking back on fondly. First off all, I just want to say 2016 wasn’t all bad. Second, on a personal level, I’m pretty content with how my 2016 panned out. I’ve made progress on my debut novel (“Aegis Alliance” is its name now), and I scored an internship late in the year, finally setting my career in the right direction. But like all things, there’s always room for improvement. 2017, in all its awkward-sounding glory, is going to be a year of self-improvement where I fix my biggest problems.

I lack discipline. I said it. That’s what I want to work on more than anything. I spend most of my time in a state of being worried about things that I should be doing, instead of actually doing them. Writing this blog being of those things, interestingly enough. I’m hoping 2017 is the year I get things done as soon as possible instead of sitting on it. I have enough self-awareness to know that I have some serious confidence issues, which probably stems from my inability to get things done.Get more things done, feel better about myself. That’s the plan.

Also, I need to get out more and make new friends. I’d really like to reconnect with old friends and go out more. I am just on the outside of Toronto, and I pretty much never go there unless I absolutely have to. I want to join some writers’ guild and actually meet people who write and fully immerse myself in the world.

New Years’ Resolutions get a bad rap, and it’s everyone’s fault. Nobody ever gets them done because people love to go big with them with tasks that they can put off until December 2017. I’m going with smaller tasks that I’ll have to do every day if I want to succeed. It’s all about baby steps for 2017.




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