Dream On (Or: The Destination Has Ruined the Journey)

The other day I saw a YouTube video about how publicly telling people about your goals and aspirations might not be the best idea. He mentioned a project about a guy who gathered a bunch of people to etch their goals on monuments scattered around the UK, for all to see. Its purpose was to make you accountable for your goals by having them visible, and it did work to a certain extent. However, he also mentioned that telling everyone your plans for the future can get you stuck. You might end up focusing on having that goal, and actually accomplishing it risks going to the wayside. I mention this because I’ve spend the last few months in the latter category, and it sucks. 

I don’t completely agree with the notion that telling people your goals is a bad idea, because it got me excited to tell people that I wanted to write a book. The problem was that I grew stagnant because I wasn’t keeping myself accountable for it. Nobody was. I haven’t been keeping up with this blog, yet at the same time I wanted to keep track of my writing progress, but I wasn’t keeping up with my actual writing so I couldn’t make an update. It was a vicious cycle and my new goal (oh, there’s that word again) is to kill my crippling lack productivity and to stop wasting time.

Don’t Stop Me Now

I started this blog because I wanted to always be writing. Exclusively talking about my writing progress isn’t the only way to do that. I have a lot of thoughts on the books I read and the TV shows and anime that I watch. Rather than spamming my Twitter feed I can talk about them here.

Keep Up

My phone has been little more than a social media machine, just scrolling and lurking when I should be getting shit done. So, I dedicated a whole section of my phone to making a habit of writing and everything else I’ve been negotiating. I’ll be setting a target amount of time every day dedicated to writing, instead of telling myself to edit and revise a chapter every week. A far off deadline only gave me more time to put it off till later, until the deadline passed and I should have finished working on that chapter two weeks ago.

I’ve heard that your mid to late twenties is the time when your brain solidifies. Your personality is set in stone and you’ll be like that for the rest of your life. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being a lazy ass who only complains about what he could have done in the past. Getting rid of the part of me that I hate the most would be the most freeing thing ever.

And actually making good use of my time wouldn’t be too bad either.


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