Writing Life & My Blog

Well, I’ve done a mighty fine job of updating this thing, right?

I may not be a big fan of New Years’ Resolutions, but I do have some goals I would like to accomplish this year:

  1. Edit My Novel: Finally finishing the first draft of my first novel was my crowning achievement 2015. I’ve finally decided on a name for it (“Soul of the Leviathan”) and it was about 110K words. My first writing goal for 2016 is to edit and trim this thing. I didn’t really get a feel for how I wanted the story to go until the last third of the novel. I’ll actually reveal what the book is about once I deeper into the editing phase and I actually start looking for beta readers.
  2. Read More: 2015 was the year I was fully immersed into the world of reading. I realized I wouldn’t be able to write a great book without knowing what makes a great book. And I couldn’t do that without actually reading some. I ended up reading a total of 27 books – more than I’ve read in the past few years. Now, reading is super fun and I hope to read more in 2016
  3. Utilize This Blog: This is the big one. I started this so I could build an audience for my writing. I do have idea for things to write on this blog regarding my writing journey, books, and random pieces of advice regarding writing. The problem lies in actually writing the damn posts. So, my goal for 2016 is to actually use this blog by posting on it at least once a week. I will be very cross with myself if I can’t get this down. I mean, I wrote 110K words. What’s a couple hundred a week?

I felt very accomplished with my 2015, and here’s to a fantastic 2016.